Turbo Ovens have been around for more than 3 decades and since their entry into the domestic kitchen many brands have tried to sell many different models.

No doubt this has confused a lot of customers over the years as there has not been a lot of information on cooking in turbo ovens online…until now.

Essentially there are two types of Glass Bowl convection ovens. Some ovens have Halogen heating elements inside the lid and some use a standard coil heating element. You should know which one you have by looking in your oven when it is turned on and if there is a bright light when cooking then you have a halogen heating element.

Through out my blog I will be using an EASYCOOK turbo oven as this is the best brand I have used  with the most even heat, fastest cooking times and also the best cooked food. However you should be able to apply these tips to your own brand oven at home

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